If you find yourself thinking, this is someone's son, this is someone's lover, of course you won't cut them open.
You have to appreciate that bodies sometimes are just bodies.

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When Amy's husband umps from Beachy Head, her own life falls apart. Two young documentary makers realise they have accidentally captured images of his final leap from the cliffs and they find themselves drawn into ever-greater deceit and betrayal as they strive to make a film about the last days of a suicide.

Beachy Head is an investigation into the mystery of death and life, the ripples that flow out from a single person, and the story of a Faustian pact. After a couple of previews in England, the show premiered at the Pleasance Kingdome at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2009, produced by Analogue. It was devised by the company and co-written by me, Lewis Hetherington and Emma Jowett. It was directed by Liam Jarvis and starred - alongside my two cowriters - Dan Tobin, Sam Taylor, and Hannah Barker. Like its predecessor Mile End, also produced by Analogue, the show offered its storytelling through a mixture of movement, music, and projection.

There's a video trailer from the original production here:

It toured, in a revised version, in 2011. The cast was Sarah Belcher, Neal Craig, Dan Ford, Katie Lightfoot, and Matt Tait. The text is published by Oberon.

The play was revived in Edinburgh in November 2016.