BOOKS, etc.

Here you’ll find bibliographical information about various books, articles, chapters and other forms of research and publication. If the item is highlighted you can click on it for more information and, in some cases, you can download copies of the publication in question.




Modern British Playwriting 2000-2009: Voices, Documents, New Interpretations [Edited collection]. London: Methuen Drama, 2013. 

The Suspect Culture Book [edited with Graham Eatough]  London: Oberon, 2013.

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Theatre & Globalization. Theatre&. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2009.

1956 and All That: The Making of Modern British Drama. London: Routledge, 1999. 


Book Chapters

 (with Kim Solga) ‘Katie Mitchell and the Politics of Naturalist Theatre.’ The Theatre of Katie Mitchell, edited by Benjamin Fowler. 4x45, Abingdon: Routledge, 2018. 39-71.

'Nobody Really Wants To Be Here: Tim Crouch's Work for Children.' Tim Crouch ou la scène émancipée, edited by Élisabeth Angel-Perez, et al. Coup de Théâtre. Paris: RADAC, 2016, pp. 89-108.

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Journal Articles

'Nation and Negation (Terrible Rage).' Journal of Contemporary Drama in English, 6.1 (2018), pp. 15-39.

'Is the Theatre a Zombie? On the Successful Failures of Émile Zola.' Anglia 136.1 (2018), pp. 100-20.

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Deitar Abaixo Os Limites.’ Artistas Unidos Revista 14(2005): 84-90.

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Book Series

Theatre &  [with Jen Harvie]. For Palgrave Macmillan. 35 volumes published to date.


Edited journal issues

Contemporary Theatre Review, special issue: Globalisation and Theatre, 16.1 (2006). [with Jen Harvie]

Contemporary Theatre Review, special issue: The Broadway Musical – New Approaches, 19.1 (2009). [with Dominic Symonds]


Editions of plays 

Preface to Crouch, Tim. An Oak Tree. 2nd ed. London: Oberon, 2015.

Introduction to Ravenhill, Mark. Citizenship. Methuen Drama Modern Classics. London: Methuen Drama, 2015, pp. 3-17.

Selected plays of Terence Rattigan, published by Nick Hern, each edited by me. 13 volumes to date. 

Ravenhill, Mark. Shopping and Fucking. Student Edition. London: Methuen, 2005, v-l.

Introduction to Greig, David. Plays: One. Contemporary Dramatists. London: Methuen, 2002, pp. ix-xxiii. 

Introduction to Ravenhill, Mark. Plays: 1. Contemporary Dramatists. London: Methuen, 2001, pp. ix-xx. 

Introduction to Wilde, Oscar. The Importance of Being Earnest. Drama Classics. London: Nick Hern, 1995, v-xxxii.



British Theatre Repertoire 2014 [with David Edgar and David Brownlee]. London: BTC, 2016.

British Theatre Repertoire 2013 [with David Edgar and David Brownlee]. London: BTC, 2015.

Writ Large: New Writing on the English Stage 2003-2009 [with David Edgar, Janelle Reinelt, Steve Waters & Julie Wilkinson]. London: Arts Council England, 2010.

Critical Mass: Theatre Spectatorship and Value Attribution [with David Edgar, Chris Megson, Janelle Reinelt, and Julie Wilkinson]. AHRC, 2014.



John Wyndham: No Place Like Earth  BBC Radio 4, November 2010.

Blasted: The Life and Death of Sarah Kane BBC Radio 4, February 2009. 


Selected papers

‘My Place or Yours? Reflections on Theatre, Borders and Brexit’ [keynote] Bodies and Borders: EDEN All-Island Postgraduate Conference. NUI Galway, April 2018.

The Curtain Will Remain Up: Naturalist Theatre & the Problem of PornographyAnnual Lecture Series Society for Theatre Research, February 2018.

‘On Radical Naivety: Dennis Kelly and Verbal Style’ Dennis Kelly Symposium University of Lincoln, November 2017.

‘My Mind is a Sponge: Naturalism and the Problem of Authorship’ Research Seminar, University of Surrey, October 2017

Nation & Negation’ [keynote] CDE Conference: University of Reading, June 2017.

‘Inside/Out: Maeterlinck’s Architectural Uncanny’ Queen’s University. Belfast, May 2017.

‘Precarious Naturalism’ Theatre Working, Central School of Speech and Drama, June 2016.

What Happens When Nothing Happens? Thoughts on Theatre, History and Absence’ [keynote] Aesthetics of Absence Sorbonne [OVALE], June 2016.

'Theatrical Images & the Theatrical Imagination: the scandal of Seven Jewish Children' VALE (Voix Anglopones: Littérature et Esthétique), Sorbonne, May 2016.

‘I’m Looking Through You: Second Thoughts on the Fourth WallAlternative Victorians and Their Predecessors: New Directions in Nineteenth-Century Theatre and Performance Research Nineteenth-Century Theatre and Film & University of Warwick, May 2016. 

'2nd Thoughts on the 4th Wall' Dundee University, December 2015

‘Queer Terry’ In the Footsteps of Rattigan Oxford University, June 2015.

‘The Representation of Violence and the Violence of Representation: British Theatre and the Trouble with Realism’ Writing of Violence, Violence of Writing? / Ecriture de la violence, violence de l’écriture ? Sorbonne, Paris, April 2015.

 ‘Theatre, Globalization and the Strange Case of Ahn Jung-Hwan’ [keynote] Nordic Performing Arts Days: CPH Stage, Teater Grob, June 2014.

‘Writing Writing’ [keynote] Dramatic Writing and Theatre in the 21st Century, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, December 2013.

'Whatever happened to gay naturalism?' TaPRA, Royal Holloway University of London, September 2014.

'Naturalism & Necrophilia' IFTR/FIRT, University of Warwick, July 2014.

'Simon Says' Simon Stephens Symposium. University of Sussex, April 2014.

'Local Hero: The Places of David Greig' David Greig Festival, University of Lincoln, March 2014.

'At This Very Moment in This Theatre Here I Am' Derrida and Performance Study Day University of Manchester/University of Winchester/C4CC, January 2014. 

'Theatre, Sex, and Zombies: The Strange Case of Naturalist Theatre' Inaugural Lecture, Caryl Churchill Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London, February 2014.

'Writing Writing' Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, December 2013.

'From Ink to IncTurning the Page: Creating New Writing 1945-2013, University of Reading, September 2013.

'Is the theatre  a zombie?' TaPRA, University of Glasgow, September 2013 [a revised and expanded version was given at QUORUM, Queen Mary, University of London, February 2014].

'Advocacy' Patronage and the Theatre, Birkbeck University of London, May 2013.

'Why Simon Stephens Writes Such Bad Plays,'  British Playwriting/German Directing: Simon Stephens’s Wastwater and Pornographie TaPRA Directing/Dramaturgy Working Group, London, April 2011

'What If There's No Such Thing As Practice-as-Research?' Research Seminar , Goldsmiths, University of London, March 2011.

'Exit the Author' Contemporary British Theatre: Towards a New Canon, Birmingham City University, October 2010.

'Does Meat Have Human Rights?PSi#12 Performing Rights, Queen Mary University of London, June 2006. 

'Doing Justice an Injustice' Panel: Needs Must?: Performance, Biopower and the Staging of Ethics, PSi#12 Performing Rights, Queen Mary University of London, June 2006. 



There is an interview with me in: Aragay, Mireia, et al., eds. British Theatre of the 1990s: Interviews with Directors, Playwrights, Critics and Academics. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2007, pp. 159-171. 

I interviewed Sarah Kane at Royal Holloway on 3 November 1998. This has been very widely cited and part of the transcript has been published in Aleks Sierz. Modern British Playwriting: The 1990s. Decades. London: Methuen Drama, 2012, pp. 198-208.

I chaired a panel discussion at the Barbican on Sarah Kane on 11 November 2006 which is partly transcribed in Graham Saunders. About Kane: The Playwright & the Work. London: Faber & Faber, 2009, pp. 140ff.