There was a dead bird.
I think that's where it started.

Inspired by a true story, Mile End follows two stories: in one, Kate and Alex is trying to patch up the problems in their marriage, but are distracted by his sudden conviction that his dreams are coming eerily true; in the other, Michael is a young man with mental health problems. He believes the man downstairs is sinister and that invisible forces are tormenting him. But are they real? Their two stories converge tragically at Mile End underground station when Michael, believing Alex is one of his tormenting fates, pushes him under a train.

Mile End is a text for performance, co-written by me, Emma Jowett and Lewis Hetherington, and emerging from a devising process led by Analogue co-directors, Liam Jarvis and Hannah Barker. The performance mixed text and music, physical performance and digital video projection.

The show was created collectively by the performance company Analogue, premiered at the Pleasance Kingdome at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2007, then toured the UK (with a couple of performances in Germany), and a run at the Southwark Playhouse, London, in February 2008. It was nominated for loads of awards and won the Arches Brick Award and a Fringe First.

You can see clips from the show here and here. Analogue’s website is here. You can read the script/storyboard, prepared by the brilliant Liam Jarvis, here.