You know when a song starts and it feels loose and chaotic? But then the drums come in and everything make sense. That's what he was in my life. He walked into my life and everything made sense. He was the moment when the drums come in.


A young woman's life is thrown into disorder when her husband dies suddenly of a brain haemorrhage. Her ability to cope with her  loss is confused when she discovers a compilation tape, apparently made for her, even though her husband was, by the time he died, profoundly deaf. She begins to believe that he has sent her a message and that even now he is talking to her from beyond death. With the help of her friend, she unravels the secret of the tape.

Static is written to be performed bilingually, in English and British Sign Language. These are two slightly different plays overlaid on each other. Both audiences should be able to enjoy their play but be aware that there is another different play unfolding at the same time.

The play was produced by Suspect Culture and Graeae and co-directed by Graham Eatough and Jenny Sealey in a production that opened at the Tron in Glasgow, embarked on a national tour before a three-week run at the Soho Theatre, London. The cast was Steven Webb, Tom Thomasson, Jeni Draper, and Pauline Lockhart. It is published by Oberon.

One of the loveliest reviews was by Andrew Haydon in the Financial Times.