Midwich, as we used to say, is the place where nothing happens.

 The Children from  The Village of the Damned , the 1960 film adaptation of  The Midwich Cuckoos .

The Children from The Village of the Damned, the 1960 film adaptation of The Midwich Cuckoos.

The small rural village of Midwich has been the subject of a terrible visitation. For a night and a day, the entire village is enclosed by a barrier inside which everyone is in a state of unconsciousness. And there’s a large silver craft by the village green. After recovering from their ordeal, the villagers start to discover that all the Midwich women are pregnant. The women decide, reluctantly, to go ahead with the births. But what are these babies? What is their purpose here?

This was a two-part adaptation of John Wyndham’s The Midwich Cuckoos, the first episode ‘The Village’, broadcast on 30 November 2003 on BBC Radio 4 and the second episode ‘The Children’, a week later. It was in the Classic Serial slot. It was directed by Polly Thomas and starred Billy Nighy, Sarah Parish, Nicholas R. Bailey, Katherine Tozer and Clive Merrison.

The production was released in January 2007 as a BBC Audiobook. It is frequently repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra.