Aberystwyth Arts Centre.jpg

The lucky, lucky people of Aberystwyth are getting me for the weekend. On Sunday, 2-5pm, I’m giving a workshop on Writing for Radio at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. I believe it’s sold out, but you might be able to show up on the day.

On Monday, I’m doing a couple of things at the University: a workshop for the MA students also on Writing for Radio and then I’m doing an informal talk trying to get further with the issue of Practice as Research. I’ve called it ‘Practice-as-Research: Some Heretical Thoughts’, which is already annoying me, as a rather self-regarding and self-important title, striking, in other words, precisely the wrong note. So do ignore that and come along if you’re around. It’s in Seminar Room 1 in the Parry-Williams building on Monday.

Looking forward to seeing the sea and old friends.