Philip Ridley

Ben Whishaw in  Mercury Fur

Ben Whishaw in Mercury Fur

I blogged about Philip Ridley. He’s got a new show opening and I’ve written about how The Pitchfork Disney blew me away in 1991. I really do think there’s an untold story about British playwriting in the early 90s; apart from Phil who’s survived rather fabulously, it’s a really lost generation: James Stock, Paul Godfrey, some of Robert Holman’s work, Victoria Hardie, Kevin Hood, Julian Garner, Nick Ward, Trish Cooke, even some like Winsome Pinnock who had interesting work at that time appear not to have had the theatre careers they might have had. Of course the stories are diverse and complicated; Kevin Hood writes a lot for TV, Trish Cooke writes for children a lot now, but I still think there are riches in the repertoire from that period that will one day be revived.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote.