Theatre503 is producing an evening of theatrical responses to Margaret Thatcher and her legacy. I'm one of the writers; others who have been invited include Fraser Grace, Judy Upton, Dominic Cavendish, Maxine Quintyne-Kolaru, Brad Birch, Jon Brittain, Omar El-Khairy, and Gemma Langford. The evening will comprise a whole series of short plays and performance pieces. Steve Harper is the literary manager of 503 and his aim is to create a spread of views rather than just a straightforward and predictable anti-Thatcher event. 

Steve says the following: 

'No other figure in living memory has been the catalyst for such divisive expressions of emotion - honoured by the pomp and regalia of a ceremonial funeral whilst mocked as a burning effigy on makeshift funeral pyres. Love her or hate her, her unique achievements were many, her personality etched onto the history of this country, for good and for bad. She was a game changer, leaving the country and the political landscape she inherited irreparably altered.'

I don't know all of these other writers so I can't say if he's going to be successful in finding playwrights who love her, but it's an interesting idea.

My plans involve a revival of an old socialist theatre form and a lot of Margaret Thatchers. There was a preview of the show in The Independent.

The show will run 11-15 June at Theatre503.  Performances begin at 7.45pm.