Polish Interview


An interview with me, previously published in Polish, has now been published in English. It was conducted on 13 May 2012 at a theatre in Gdansk and followed the playing of my radio play, Cavalry. The questions focused on that play and broadened out into general questions about writing for radio. It slightly amazed me - and still amazes me - that you can get an audience in Gdansk, and a decent audience at that, for the playing of a radio play in English and then a platform interview with the author, also in English, and get good questions, again in English, from the audience. I'm not sure I'd get that audience in London. Anyway, it's a good interview I think and probably useful for anyone interested in radio drama. You can listen to the play via the link above.

Because the journal is open access, you can read it online, here.

'"On the Radio the Pictures Are Better": Dan Rebellato Interviewed by Michał Lachman.' Text Matters: A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture 3 (2013): 264-70.